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About Us

Our History


Journey Started

With the help of Prof. Arun Kanti Saha, we have started our journey in the IT Field by developing a college website.


First Step in Govt. Sector

Getting our first Govt. project for developing Govt. website by the help of Dr. Manik Mitra.


Huge Storm of Projects

With the help of Mr. Rudranath Chatterjee & many others, we are able to get lot of Govt. IT projects.


Multistate Expansion

By the help of our collective resources & hard work we are able to expand our business to many other states.


Step in to Zilla Parishad

Our efforts come into big picture when we step into Zilla Parishads of different districts.


First Official Development Sector

We have established our first registered development sector for our increasing development team.


Govt. Appritiation & Digital Services

From our past developments, we get a lot of appritiation from the Govt. & started IT support for our local DMO. we also started our digital services e.g. bulk sms, long-code services etc.


Private Limited

Registered our company as a Private Limited Company & started our Android Development Sector. We have also started GIS Mapping Services for our clients.


Step into Digital Electronics

Established our digital electronics sector for development of various IT devices with RFID, Microcontrollers & various sensors.


Moved to New & Resourceful Corporate office

For the growing development sectors & team, we reallocated to a new & resourcesful corporate office to fullfill the neds of our clients & development team.


Step into Digital Signature

By the intelligence & efforts of our development team, we are able to step into the world of digital signature by developing & implementing cross platform DSC(Digital Signature Client).


Centralized Biometric System

In the rush of various Govt. & Private projects, our development team has finally able to develop centralized & real time biometric system for our various clients.

Key Persons Behind Our Success

  • Avatar Dr. P.B. Salim (IAS)
  • Avatar Mr. Vijay Bharti (IAS)
  • Avatar Ms. Rachna Bhakat (IAS)
  • Avatar Mr. Sumit Gupta (IAS)
  • Avatar Mr. Siyad N. (IAS)
  • Avatar Mr. Utpal Bhadra (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Manoj Mandol (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Amandeep (IPS)
  • Avatar Jhargram DM.
  • Avatar Mr. Surat Mukherjee (DIO, NIC)
  • Avatar Mr. Sankar Naskar (ADM)
  • Avatar Mr. Surajit Paul (BCW)
  • Avatar Mr. Ramkrishna Mali (ADM)
  • Avatar Mr. Suresh Ch. Ranno (DYACC)
  • Avatar Mr. Manik Lal Jana (Sec. Legal Div.)
  • Avatar Mr. Manoj (DIO, NIC)
  • Avatar Mr. District Judge (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Koushik Saha (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Koushik sarkar (DC Election)
  • Avatar Mr. Subhabrata Mandol (Senior DC)
  • Avatar Mr. Suparna kr. Roychoudhury (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Suvojit Mandol (WBCS)
  • Avatar Mr. Avirup Bose (Secretary NZP)
  • Avatar Krishnagar II BDO
  • Avatar Mr. Ashok Nath
  • Avatar Mr. Bankim Singha
  • Avatar Mr. Mihir Biswas
  • Avatar Mr. Mahiuddin Mandol
  • Avatar Mr. Sishir Kr. Saha
  • Avatar Mr. Amitava Guha
  • Avatar Mr. Tarak Das
  • Avatar Mr. Abdul Biswas
  • Avatar Mr. Anup Biswas
  • Avatar Sk. Sahajahan Ali
  • Avatar Mr. Tanmoy Ghosh
  • Avatar Ms. Arpita Sarkar
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