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When choosing a company to design your website, there are a number of important factors to consider. Keep these questions in mind when considering a particular firm:

» How long the company does gather experiences in various sectors?

» Do they have a large portfolio of previous clients with working sites that you can visit?

» Do they list their physical address on their website?

» Does the demo is suitable to you; will they amend further customization to satisfy you?

» Are the customer service desk value you by answering e-mail or receive call promptly?

Remedies: In Our Case,All Answers Are Of course Certainly 'POSITIVE'.

I Hope, Your Software Does Not Includes Hidden Price ?

Price shown on the bill is final. It does not incur any extra cost therein except the billing particulers.

Can I Pay Your Billing Amount In Installments ?

Yes,as per our business policy from time to time,you will be able to pay us in installments.

Can Add Further Customized Features Into My Software? Will It Incur Extra Charges ?

Alteration and up gradation on the basis of base requirements as mentioned by you for correlated features does not require to pay extra yet any new incorporation of added on specification will be a paid service.

Can You Incorporate Offline Data Input Support Which Should Be Added Periodically Into Online?

It is possible on added costing for such services.

Will You Put Through Me Under Any Yearly Expanses For Maintenance Purpose ?

Yes, in most cases. Please note that the maintenance cost for first year of implementation is waved for our all clients.

If My Number Of User & Online Guest Goes High, Will It Be A Problem To Access In Terms Of Data Count (Band With)?

Beyond our consideration if any 'Bandwith' charge applies, it will be amended into yearly maintenance charge. However, this may require additional adjustments in first year when maintenance charge is being waived.

Does Your Softwares' Has The Entity Of Legal Approval?

Our services are fully transparent and totally legal. [ Learn More..]

Can You Please Integrate Bulk Sms For My Clients Or User To Ensure Transparency Among Us?

Yes we do it in all industry standard options. [ Learn More..]

As A Customer Shall I Be Liable To Pay Costing Of Raw Materials Like Database Or So Forth?

Normally you need not to worry about except a few exceptional service like 'payment gate way' and so forth. [ Learn More..]

Shall I Need To Keep Back Up Of My Database For Self Gratification?

You really do not need this. It is our sole responsibility to take care of your data. Still you can personally opt to do so for your self-satisfaction but with us, taking back up of data is not even a least necessary.

I Presume That You Provide 'ACL' On Requirement, Does My View Is Acceptable?

Yes we provide ACL with multi security norms. [ Learn More..]

Do You Render 'I.P. Restriction Or I Can Access Through Any Device, From Anywhere?

By default the 'I.P. Restriction' is disable so that you can access it from anywhere via any device. Yet, if you want to have 'I.P. Restriction' available for you, we will amend it on request. [ Learn More..]

Can I Share My Existing, Single Data Storage Space For Further New Products from you Viz. Multiple Software?

Yes, you are welcome.

If I Obtain Multiple Software Or Portal From Your Company, Can You Interrelate All Together?

Yes you can,we are at your service.

In Case Of Holiday Or General Strike(Bandh),What Will Be Your Customer Support Policy For A Real Time Issue?

Don't worry, it is online environment and we are dedicated to serve you 24 hours x 365 days.

What Will Be The Remedy If My Developer Ever Goes Off You're Company?

As we have our prior remedies for all probable issue in software, our team work culture has always back up geek support to address your all future issue.

Can I Obtain Copy Of Raw Code Of My Software So That I Can Manipulate Or Mutilate As Per My Desire, Under My Sole Responsibility?

By default the answer is 'NO'; however this could be considered in special cases on the basis of prior agreement.

I Wonder, If I Introduce Others With You, Will It Returns Me Any Prosperity? Any Affiliate Program?

Yes, as per norms, through an agreement with us, you can become an affiliate to enhance marketing.

How does a web site price are quoted?

There are few factors which determines the cost of your web site. These are total number of pages, the graphic designing required, your choice of website type i.e. statics or dynamics & so forth, your choice of domain like as .in, .com, etc. Further,you will also need web hosting and domain name registration.

Can I choose you to design my site and use my own web hosting?

Yes, Once your website has been completed, we can upload your website for you on providing your web hosting ftp login username as password.

Can I review my website before it comes online? I actually want to check before it get into internate!

Yes, You can preview your site and you can ask us for any changes.The content will be published upon your consent.

Do you offer any kind of discounts on your service?

Yes, we offer discounted rate for schools and non profit organizations. We charge bellow the industry standard and serves more than your expectation.

Do you offer any kind of discounts on your service?

Yes, we offer discounted rate for schools and non profit organizations. We charge bellow the industry standard and serves more than your expectation.

I don't stay at your province/district. Can you still serve me as you serves your local clients?

Yes, since we work in online environment,we can serve every knock and corner around the world where internet connection exist. You can preview content in online also, you can pay us online as well.

My near and dear one will do the website for me, can I just host on you?

Yes you are welcome. Yet you have to ensure that the content must be syntax error free, coded as per industry standards, has legal identity (which is not copyright violated) and do not contains any adultery video contents.

Why should I depend on professional like you instead of beginners?

Think of buying a website is like buying a car or any automobile. You can find a used car to save money but this may even get you into more expanses, you might need to spend more time and more money to getting that car fixed. So, If you care about how much business profits will bring to you by your new website, you must get it designed professionally. You can rely on us.